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What is considered a "Prepgods" Meal?

1 Standard Meal contains:

4-5 oz of protein

1/2 cup carbohydrate

1/2 cup vegetable 


This meal can be eaten at anytime during your day. Feeds 1 individual. 

Where do you buy your ingredients?

All of our ingredients are bought from Market Basket, Shaws and Hannafords. Nothing is "generic brand", bulk or frozen. We eat this food too so the ingredients that go into your meals are fresh, real and mindful. 

Where do you cook?

All of your meals are prepared in a state approved commercial kitchen located at 35 Manchester rd, Derry NH called "Creative Chef Kitchens". Prepgods LLC is licensed by the Derry Health Department, ServSafe Certified and Liability Insured, 

How long do your meals last/can I freeze them?

Just like any leftovers you may have at home - these meals will last roughly 5 days; keep an eye on them! Everything is cooked and delivered the same day or next at the latest. Yes you can freeze them and they are microwave safe. 

Do you offer Keto or Vegan/Vegetarian Options?

These options are available! You can easily substitute your carbohydrate for a second vegetable as well as a meat for tofu or a meatless vegan alternative!


How do I order? Pay?

The easiest way is to start is with a "Variety Pack" and let us know what you don't like (i.e mushrooms).Please take a look at the "How It Works" section. Also take a look at the "Forms" section to take a look at the menu/order form.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are still unsure. Payment methods that are accepted: Cash, Check, Paypal, Credit/Debit, Venmo. 

What is a Variety Pack?

How can I order Custom Meals?

A variety pack is an assortment (12/15/18/etc.) of meals that include a mixture of different protein/carb/veg combos. Just tell us what you don't want! 


To order custom meals - visit the "Forms" section and fill out an "Order Form". Contact us if you need help! 

How does delivery work?

Delivery is extremely flexible. The meals can be brought directly to your home or we can meet you at a local "pick-up" spot (for example: Pheasant Lane Mall) at certain times/days. There is a delivery charge that starts at $10. If you want to avoid that you can pick it up from the kitchen at around noon on Mon/Fri.